Marketing Campaign: For your campaign, create one Facebook ad, one Instagram ad, and four display ads from the concept. Make sure to use a headline, branding, and imagery to create an effective design. Maintain the established visual hierarchy from the approved concept, a ten-pixel margin on all sides, the text must retain legibility and readability and use the correct color mode for the deliverable. Bonus, create an additional deliverable for print.

Album Cover Design: Achieve visual unity in your composition. We want you to use visual emphasis to highlight typographic treatments. Ensure that all of the type you use is legible and all of the wordforms are readable. As for color, you will be required to use a compound color scheme for your design.

Book Cover Set: Select three books that are similar in author, genre, or theme. Design a book cover for each one. Individual book covers should use a monochromatic scheme. However, the set should follow analogous, split-complementary, or triadic color scheme. The imagery must include an illustration, posterization, or shape arrangement. This imagery should convey a sense of conceptual unity within the book design and across the set. Make sure all of your type is readable and legible.

Poster Design 1: Use one of the Poster Templates provided to create a poster design that explores your understanding of the elements and principles of design (specifically emphasis and unity). We have provided the poster templates so that you may include type in your designs without feeling the need to concentrate on typography, and instead be able to treat type as simply just another object in your design.

Poster Design 2: Use typography as the primary visual element. Use letterforms and wordforms to create line, shape, form, texture, and space in your design. Use only one type family. You must advertise some type of event, and include the name of the event, the date, and the name of the organization or person responsible for the event.

Newsletter Mockup Template: A Mockup of an internal newsletter

Social Media Ad Set: Create five different unique designs by introducing different vector and raster imagery into the existing templates. The imagery you use needs to take a back seat to the ad content, and do more to emphasize it than compete with it in any way. Find ways to subdue your images to enhance the template content. The social media ads are required to have the same visual style.